Analog VS Digital Watch: Which Is Better?

Wrist watches are timeless pieces of art and throughout the ages, analog watches have been at the forefront of human engineering and creativity.

We’ve used clocks and worn analog watches on our wrists for centuries, with time being the glue that holds our society together.  While design trends and styles have played their part in the evolution of watches, their core purpose of keeping time has remained constant throughout.

With watch fashion and functionality still paramount in 2020, we go over the difference between analog and digital watches, then speak about why in our opinion, that analog watches are the better choice.

The Difference Between Analog and Digital Watches

When comparing analog and digital watches, we must first go over what it is that makes each unique.

An analog watch displays a traditional, round clock face, with multiple hands used to indicate hours, minutes and seconds.  It’s a watch display that isn’t digital in nature but instead indicated by the continuous motion of its hands via a mechanical device.

On the other hand, a digital watch displays an electronic arrangement of numbers on a screen to indicate the time.  An example of a digital watch display would be 12:01 where the 12 indicates hours and the 01 indicates minutes.

Both analog and digital watches have a place in modern society, but when it comes to making a decision on which is better, we believe analog watches are a clear winner.

Why Analog Watches are Better

While choosing between an analog and digital watch comes down to personal taste, there are 3 key advantages of analog watches that in our opinion, make them better.

  1. Reliability

The manual, inner mechanics of an analog watch will in almost all cases be more reliable than their digital counterparts.  Digital watches are made of fragile electronic circuit boards, encased in cheap plastic.  No match for the timeless mechanical inner workings of a hand made, metallic analog watch.

  1. Recall 

From when we first learn to tell the time, our brains are conditioned to view time in an analog format. Just a single quick glance at an analog watch on our wrist will tell you everything you need to keep your day on track and determine how much time has elapsed much easier than in digital form.

  1. Style

Analog watches are as fashionable as they are functional.  The handmade precision craftsmanship of a quality men’s watch is an understated fashion accessory that adds a level of sophisticated style to any outfit.  By owning an analog watch, you’re expressing an element of personal style and taste.

Why Wear an Analog Watch?

There are numerous reasons why you should wear an analog watch over their digital counterpart.  Let’s start by picturing the following scenario.

You’re sitting with your boss at a highly important client meeting.  This a client that you can’t afford to lose and with just the one meeting to close the deal, first impressions are everything.

Would your flashing, vibrating iPhone sitting on the table between you leave the impression you’re after? Not a chance.

Now picture an elegant analog watch on your wrist, protruding below your jacket just enough to catch the light as you reach out to hand a plan to the client.  Protruding class and confidence, exactly the image required to close the deal.

There are many more functional reasons why you’d wear an analog watch such as for their timeless durability, but whether it’s a men’s or women’s watch, there’s no doubting the confidence they provide.

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