Why Do People Wear Watches? Why Wear A Nice Watch?

The question of why someone would wear a watch in today’s modern society is one that gets asked ever more frequently.  WIth the exact time of anywhere on the planet available at the press of a button and glance at a screen in your pocket, it’s certainly a fair question.

But while it’s not news to any of us that technology has surpassed the basic functionality of an analog watch, there’s a certain subtle element of style that can’t ever be replaced by a digital screen.

Watch sales and their place in society have seen somewhat of a resurgence in 2020, so let’s take a deeper look at why people wear watches.

Why Do People Wear Watches?

If you have the time of anywhere in the world at the touch of a single button on your smartphone, the reason why people wear watches may seem trivial on the surface.  But it’s a valid question, with answers that remain similar for both men and women.

Reasons Men Wear Watches

Men’s watches are the one fashion accessory that can accent an outfit while maintaining an image of masculinity.  

Picture a man in a designer suit at a black-tie event.  His style and confidence grabbing the attention of every crowd he finds himself in.  Glancing at his timeless analog watch from just under the sleeve of his jacket and moving on.

Would you receive the same vibe if he made that bored glance at his phone, distracted by the social media push notifications that fill his screen?  Of course not.  The aura would instantly have been lost.

Reasons Women Wear Watches


Women, on the other hand, have a plethora of fashionable accessories and jewellery options to choose from and for this reason, the role of women’s watches somewhat differs from men.

Continuing the theme of a black-tie event, picture a woman dressed in an elegant evening gown.  Oozing sophistication and class with timeless high-end fashion. 

If she were to pull an iPhone out of her bag with a fluffy pink string of beads hanging off the top of that cheap plastic case, does sophistication continue to reign supreme?

Why Wear a Nice Watch?

As you can see from the examples above, the reasons why you’d wear a nice watch circle around a certain refined style.  A theme we expand on below.

  1. Hand Craftsmanship

A nice watch is so much more than just a timepiece.  It’s a piece of art that in some cases has been handcrafted for hours to ensure perfection.  

Compare the intricate craftsmanship of an analog watch with a smartphone that’s been mass-produced in a factory designed to churn out thousands of identical products hourly and you’ll soon see why wearing a nice watch is so appealing.

  1. History

Whether you’re sentimental or not, there’s no doubt that old watches carry the history they’ve indicated.  It’s for this reason that watches are so often used as family heirlooms or as collector pieces.

Owning a watch passed through generations can tell the story of your family history.  They’re excellent pieces to remember relatives and reminisce about the good times you’ve spent together or even apart throughout the years.

  1. Respect

When compared to pulling a phone out of your pocket, there’s truly no comparison to wearing a nice watch.  Handcrafted analog watches both garner respect from those around you while showing you’re always present.

Have you ever had to dodge a person for having their head buried in their watch as they walk toward you in the street?  Respect is such a simple, understated element of why we wear a watch.

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