Our Story

Nathan Lee was birthed out of a desire to showcase to the world the designers and craftsmen behind luxury watches. Today, most people rely on their smartphones for the time, day and date and many choose to wear a smartwatch to be ‘always available’. Our goal is to introduce to the world the beauty and elegance of making a fashion statement by wearing our beautifully crafted, exclusively designed timepieces.

We offer a high-end luxury brand of wrist watches that are affordable to all and want our customers to make a fashion statement with their watch. We want our customer to look and to feel good about themselves. We want to reintroduce the wrist watch to the world before digitisation takes over. We want people from all ages and all walks of life to be able to enjoy a luxury watch at an affordable price and have a watch to suit everyone’s budget.

Time is one thing we cannot change, and our goal is to create timeless pieces of art that can be passed on to the next generation, timepieces that will become heirlooms, that will look and feel beautiful and showcase the brilliance and amazing skill that those who design and manufacture beautiful timepieces.

Nathan Lee Watches exists to change your perspective on time and give you a whole new view and appreciation of the people behind the brand and the joy of wearing and displaying to the world these works of art.

Every time has its story. Thanks for being part of ours.

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Nathan Lee